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Agendas, Minutes and Financial Reports for this year are all posted!!! There is more to come in the future. Subscribe Today!


We are very proud of our new site and appreciate your patience as we strive to keep you informed on current events and services by posting them to the site.    The Agendas and Minutes of the meetings for this year are all posted, as well as the Monthly  Financial Reports for the same time period.  Due to time constraints and the limitations of the website, the Monthly  Financial Reports were posted under the main heading "Financial Reports " and not the Audit/Financial Reports section.   That is actually for the Yearly Financial Report, not the Monthly one.   We inquired about adding another heading under the main "Financial Reports" heading and were informed that would incur additional cost.   The Monthly Financial Reports for this year have been moved to a new heading - Monthly Financial Reports - which is located on the same page as the Agendas and Minutes.   If you click on the heading, the list will open of all the Monthly Financial Reports for this year.        Subscribe and receive news and alerts via email and text.  Let us know what you think!